STEEL v PLASTIC Doctor Blade Comparisons

The benefits of Steel doctor blades far outweigh those of Plastic doctor blades.
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Doctor Blades from PrintBlade of Sheffield, a division of Fernite of Sheffield Ltd

Benefits of a Steel Doctor Blade far outweigh those of a Plastic Doctor Blade.


Whilst plastic has its place in the print industry, it is limited to non-critical print or coating applications.

It can offer long life and perform well for industrial applications, but falls short for doctoring a precision film of ink when compared to steel.

Plastic has a complex recycling process and many products (including doctor blades) end up in landfill.

The plastic that is disposed of can take many years to break down in the environment or, when incinerated, emits carbon dioxide.


Steel is the first choice Doctor Blade for the majority of printers around the world.

The vast majority of manufactured strip steel is made from 100% recovered steel.

Specially developed steels have been made to meet the challenges of the flexo ink transfer process

Steel can achieve and maintain a thinner contact area to ensure better print results.

As the material wears the structure of the blade remains the same.

As the blade wears it breaks into tiny particles which migrate easily into the flow of ink.