Edge Profiles

We offer the full range of industry standard edge profiles.

Made from the highest quality steel and completely manufactured on our specialist production line in Sheffield, PrintBlade doctor blades are available with the industry standard edge profiles: Round Edge, Bevel Edge and Lamella Edge.

Round Edge

Bevel Edge

Lamella Edge

Round Edge Profile Doctor Blade

Double sided radius edge profile for smooth contact at high speeds.

Used to provide a high quality blade seal against the roller.

Bevel Profile Doctor Blade - PrintBlade

Provides a constant edge for clean doctoring and reduced wear.

Provided in a bevel angle to suit exacting requirements (typically 2 – 30 degrees)

Lamella Profile Doctor Blade - PrintBlade

Precision ground for a high quality profile finish

Provides a constant contact area with lower friction and reduced wear

Lamella profile produced according to exacting requirements. 

Manufactured to your specification

As every PrintBlade Doctor Blade is manufactured here in our Sheffield factory, we have complete control of the entire process including the lead time. 

We have a large stock of blades with each edge profile in stock, however we also manufacture to your exact specifications. 

If you require a specific angle for your bevel, just get in touch – call 0114 244 0527 and speak to our friendly, professional team today. Alternatively email enquiries@printblade.co.uk

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